Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Man: The New Woman

When did men get to make the rules? When did we have to pander to the sesitivities of the less sensitive sex? When did men become the new women? Should I be asking them what shade of lipstick goes with what outfit? Pass them a tissue... they don't know!

Men play games. They hate women that play, so why do they start the game in the first place?

I have to admit, I'm no game player. I suck at the games! Seriously, if love were a boardgame, I'd be stuck down the bottom of the ladder. I can't stomach the harshness that goes hand in hand with the dice throwing and pawn moving. When it comes to my emotions, I'm a fragile little shell.. especially at the moment. In my last relationship, I said to myself I wasn't going to try and guess what he wanted. I wasn't going to not say things just in case he thought something horrible about me. I wasn't going to censor myself. What's the point? I'd tried it before and it hadn't lasted, so why not just try being me. It's not me, if he doesn't like me, then there was no point pretending to be someone I'm not. And for the most point I did that, I'm proud to say. And our relationship was fine. I don't think we had any problems with each other. I never hid anything, and I don't think he did either. We had and I like to think, still have, a mutual respect for each other.

Having said that, why is it that I feel that men have all the control. That we have to pander to their needs to even get close to what we want. We have to be careful about what we say, Oh don't rush the poor lad, he might feel claustrophic! Get him a paper bag! My god he's feeling rushed or not rushed enough! Give me the paper bag I can spew in disgust at his misconception that all women are the same... balls up man! Seriously! I see it everyday - a girl who says one thing, and then worries about how the boy might take it. When really she is not clingy by any standard, or stalkerish, she does not even own a pair of night vision goggles! But one thing's for sure: the boy is not worrying about what he says to the girl. The girl really wants to get jiggy with this boy.. nothing more, just have some fun, and yet she has to constantly worry that he might think she wants a relationship and back off. Seriously, why all the pandering! If he wants to get his end in, shouldn't he be pandering to the womans needs! Where is our pandering?

Men have lost the art of 'wooing', even if it's just on a casual basis. Why should it disappear? Has the modern woman allowed men to be lazy? Girls, this is half your fault. With you half naked inticing him with naked texts, wanting some sort of attention and giving it to him straight up, he never has to work with all these girls throwing their nakedness at him. That's not to say you can't explore your sexuality... (that's another argument that could come out of this blog. But we'll keep it simple) And then men, complaining that they don't want these manipulative girls, yet again thinking with only one organ at a time.. I know I know... not enough blood to run them both at the same time! Seriously, if we pumped you with a few litres more, would it help? Get a grip men! You go for the vindictive, needy (easy) women that turn into stalkers and then.. shock horror, you wonder why you ended up in a mess!

That comes down to us pandering to these over sensitive males... when did men stop pandering us and the tables turn.. Darling, that wallet doesn't match your shoes. Man up!


  1. Do you really feel that the typical 'lady' is throwing herself at men and begging for them to come over to her nakedness in response to her naked texts?

    My experiences, in my social group, tend to revolve more around men treating women with the respect that they show themselves. And I certainly think there are more expectations on women impressing men. It goes both ways in a healthy relationship.

    My recommendation, don't generalise the entire population, of both sexes.

  2. *And I certainly think there are more expectations on women impressing men.*

    I meant to convey, that there are not more expectations on women than men.

  3. The whole point of that blog was a generalisation! I do not think that this is everyone, it was just one situation that I observed, and decided to write about. In my small town, from what I had observed, the lack effort on a mans behalf to impress a women and that a woman has to be careful to pander to their needs. It is a gernalisation. I never once thought that the whole population acted in this way. It was suppose to be a bit of a love rant. Thats what this blog is. A love rant.