Thursday, March 5, 2009

Facebook: "It's Complicated"

Morning sex is awesome.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to say that. Coming out of a sleepy daze and waking up with a.. well.. bang... is a pretty nice experience. This morning I woke up. That's it. And, as I lay there I wondered if I should get up for work. So obviously the above didn't happen for me. So, what made me want morning sex and turn it into a blog about facebook? My relationship status, that's what.

Finding the relationship lable is hard, as I'm just starting to figure out. I thought things would be easy. Break up with a guy, have a cry, get over that loser and be on the look out for another one who is hopefully better. I like to think I'm slowly climbing the man ladder. But, unfortunatly it's never that simple.

Just the other day I was on Facebook, and people have been changing the lables of their relationship 'complicated' 'single' married' 'divorced but getting some on the side'. So, I got to thinking, how would you lable your 'relationship' on facebook? Seriously?

How about:

"seeing ex-boyfriend occassionally but it's more than just sex but less than a serious relationship - though monogamous to each other'.

PHEW... okay, so Facebook doesn't have that. It's very limiting!

The thing with the Ex-files is strange. You half have sex on tap, though it never usually happens in the morning. Hence my wish for morning sex. It's usually on a Saturday night after you meet each other at the pub for drinks, or on a lazy afternoon after having lunch and watching a few dvd's. And the thing is, I should really lable my relationship status as 'complicated' in facebook terms. Because at the moment I am 'single'. And that's not a lie. I'm not thinking that he's 'relatrionship' material. Because, just like me, he is listed as 'single'. We are both singletons in this society of find a partner before your ovaries wither to prunes. Not that I should be worried about that.

But again, now the Facebook lable of 'friends' has come into question in my mind. Friends care for each other. You can have a genuine good time with the other person. So when is it that you start to notice that 'friends' isn't even going to cut it any more? But again, 'friends' on Facebook can be "...the dude you talked to for five minutes down at the pub because he got in your rode and you didn't want to be rude".

Is Facebook status not complicated enough to deal with the level of relationships people have with one another. And are people mistaking this simplification and placing it on the relationships they have in the real world. Or are we just 'living' through Facebook?

So, now with my Ex-File, we remain 'friends', it's definatly feeling like a one sided friendship. I can handle the friends with benefits business, because I like those benefits. I like the cuddles and the night sex. But just like a relationship, friendship you have to put a lot into, and I put it in, being there when he is lonely, and get nothing in return. He should change his whole profile on facebook to 'it's complicated'. And as I said, I'm not too concerned about my withering ovaries. Only that coming from a small town if you have multiplied by the age of 23 something is wrong. I'm 25. I don't want kids just yet. I want to travel, and drink, and have fun and love having the ability to 'maybe just pick up and move' if the right opportunity comes along, without having to worry about anyone else. I guess I like that part of singledom too..... Except I don't get the morning sex.


  1. i fucking love this! its written so well!

  2. Just stumbled across your blog. I'm confused by this one. What is the moral? If you're not having morning sex, you're single?