Friday, May 15, 2009

Football Sex

This blog had started off about me missing sex, or preferrably, missing the person I was having sex with. Then it turned into the issue of women and sex and respect. We have gone from over conservatisim, to women acting like men thinking that men want this, and then losing all respect for themselves. WOMEN are not MEN! We have different ideals, different ways of thinking about ourselves, and giving men exactly what they want, and saying that you want it too, is I think, a bit of a stretch. You can't change gentic makeup.

For example: a 30 something woman texts a man her breasts. She's a mother, with two small children, separated, wanted to be wanted. But, where is the line between being wanted sexually, and using yourself as free porn to that guy you met in the nightclub last week? This is along the same lines as the Mathew Johns saga. Yes, the girl would regret what she did, probably feels like a slut, but if it was consensual, what is there to whinge about? We all know about the footballers mentality and what goes on in their world. It's not right the way they treat women and yet women still treat them like gods. They get paid six figure salaries to run around a football field and wonder why they get reprimanded for their orgies. I admit what Mathew Johns did was disgusting, and he is not suitable as a rolemodel for young kids, especially young boys who are going to be looking up to this man, but no one can get in trouble for consensual sex. Even if pressured, which men don't seem to get - the whole "come on, you'll enjoy it, go on, just roll over, let me..." and you can slap that hand away so many times, and sometimes the consent isn't so much as "I want you" as "just do it and leave me alone". I'm not saying that is right at all, no woman enjoys pressured sex, but it's just compliancy.

I must admit I didn't watch the interview that was aired on the ABC the other night, so all my info is from the papers, internet and other people's opinions. Anyway, what I don't get is, why the woman waited this long to bring it up. Money? There are plenty of vindictive girls out there waiting to corner men. I've met many a man who has been duped by such women, and unfortunatley it ruins it for us honest ones. Consensual sex is just that, consented. And if you didn't want it to happen, and you still said yes, what can you do? The 'he kept bugging me till I gave in' doesn't work in court. And, if like many of those football groupies, you use sex as status and then regret it afterwards, that's your life. It's sad but true. I just don't understand all this whoo haa over something that was, yes, regreted by both parties, but unfortunately the woman let it happen as much as the man. She had no repect for herself, picking and choosing her football partners, but she has to learn to live with that. Unfortunately we all live with regret, I just can't go to the paper about mine, and I'm not a girl that would.